What are you made of?

This documentary was shot in less then 1 month during summer 2013.

Having a budget of 26.70$, we decided to involve our family, friends and the local community. We asked for their stories, tools, help and support.

We decided to shoot it fully in English and subtitled because we felt and we feel part of an international community.

Because we want to open Gargano to the world. Because we care about the future of this place.

Only new energies can bring new opportunities. 

We know that just a few places of this spur are part of our work. But we have been lucky enough in our life to see Italy and Gargano from a larger prospective where the local peculiarities and differences are just invisible to who was not born here.

We think Gargano is, for lots of reasons, just a small portrait, a mirror of what Italy is as a whole.

Describing it means describing Italy in a way.

 This is not a documentary only about Gargano. It is about your community. It is about running away or staying in the place where everyone was born. Wherever you were born.

When you are away from home you understand what you are made of.

We are Made of Limestone. And you?

Tell us your story.